RapCD in Blue

by Josh M. & Ben S.

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From the precociously-talented minds of Josh M. and Ben S. comes RapCD in Blue, the duo's second release and first mixtape. The team, a pair of 15-year-old boys from Utica in central New York, are proud to present one of rap's first rhapsodies. Loosely inspired by George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, the tape serves as both an exhibition of the boys' musical talents and a subtly-crafted story, warning against the dangers of ignoring one's creative interests. And so, without further ado, stop reading this and get to listening!


released July 24, 2014

Track 7 produced by Josh M.
Vocals written and performed by Josh M.
Tracks produced by Ben S.
Album Art by Ben S.





all rights reserved


Josh M. & Ben S. Utica, New York

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Track Name: It Ain't All That Serious
It Ain't All That Serious

Hip hop [x3]
Uh, and alright, & okay [x6]

[Verse 1]
And alright, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back for the second chapter
This is after lip lock happy ever after, sung from rafters
Lightning in a bottle captured, bruh
I ain't just some new rapper
I think I said that before? If not I'll reassure later
Name is Josh Murray, at the least I'm here to please Kate Casler
Yessir, it's Yung Pastor back for the second time
Master Josh Murray, hurry and see me wreck some rhymes
Beat murderer, I plead guilty to the crime
And now before I'm done with the sentence, let me present you this sentence:

Just don't take this too serious
We just make music to vibe with [x4]

[Verse 2]
I don't make filler tracks, this is a movement
Just something that you can groove with
Just something that you can vibe with
This rhapsody contains a couple tricks and traps combined with
A whole new feeling to it, I hope you like it
I spit fire; we all know it, I been proved it
Now comes the fun part, focusing on the music
The instrumentation's crazy like
10,000 Benjamins beyond last time
And I whittle them all down to the last dime
To the last rhyme
So don't expect any flashy verses
I'm not a rapper, I'm a poet like Vergil versus a wordsmith
Kick back, relax, take off your kicks, open your purses
Toss a dollar if you want
If not? Ay, you're still worth it
I bundle two gifts in this 'jungle music', gab and progressive flow
Put that over Schnier and it appears to be professional
So y'all like to think we're next, but in reality TV, my confessional
We put it all on tunes just for you, and if it's wack...


[Verse 3]
But then it's like, why try to fight it?
If I'm lying I'm crying and if I'm crying I'm lying
I guess I might be a Mayan, I mean I'm ending rappers' worlds
And trick, I'm flyer than fly
Like I'm from Philly like Milly
Ay, where my miles? I'm silly
And still in time with this trilling
Keep it trillest at all times
'Til it's a little kid living in the business of killing
I make a killing off killing
But only beats
I take an 808 and slice it to a 404
Dabble in horrorcore if it's more important
Or if you're important, then I'll order more
Like a drill sergeant
Going hard in the paint
I'm not the one you wanna start with
I'm hardest, smartest, an artist
And, honestly, beyond modest
A refined palette, so let me paint this picture like MS
Lambaste the wack, that's my job description
And this ain't scripted, it's cryptic
P.S.: Thank me later, I put the haters on milk cartons!

So, don't take this too serious. We, uh, w-we just make music to vibe with. Unless, of course, you wanna sign me, 'cause I mean, that's cool too. Ummm... next track!
Track Name: Rap Odyssey
Rap Odyssey

[Verse 1]
Back to kick more rhymes, but this time, they will be fatal
This time I'm setting my scope on the pope and popping his navel
This naval battle'll send the planet straight to the stratosphere
Because, at long last, the fabled dragon's here, spitting Akavir thu'ums
Some say his words will end in fire, some say in ice
Either way, once he spits, those opposed will all pay the price
You take some K.L., mix in Kal-El, and add a pinch of Kahlil Gibran
And what do you get?
Just li'l ol' me, an ill emcee
A freelance word hurricane
Pure urethane with the world to gain
Bursting chains, murking gangs on a rampage, rampant for 30 days
Serpents stay lurking, they would disturb this service at church today
It's just by chance that I happen to wear a turban
Umm, hey!
See the plan all along's been to rip through every song
'Til I'm a household name and, really, not much more than that
I set off on this journey with just this backpack rap on my back
That and a snack of wacker rappers to purge all my cravings at
'Cause I'm the king at this, swear I just haven't proven it yet
So this is something like an Odyssey I'm making through this rap
True to that, no dilution or substitution abused, in fact
I'm confused: I'm the noob here, yet you fools rap like y'all new to rap?
But this ain't even rap, it's hip hop
The difference is these tracks'll get you jumpin' like Kris Kross
And still be saying something that gets you trapped like Rick Ross
Behind my bars but frees your mind at the same time
And then I jet, liftoff
Yeah, call me young Odysseus on his journey home
Best believe I'm locked on and gunning it straight for the throne
Misplaced king of the game
I'm coming for my dues
So you gotta peep game, 'cause what more could you do?
Ay, what it do?

And it don't quit, and it don't stop
And it don't stop, this is hip hop [x2]

Get back, get back, get back [x4]

[Verse 2]
Ben, why you even send your beats my way?
You know I'm a killer
You know you can't bring 'em back, man
This ain't Mike Jack "Thriller"
You know I get thrilled with skrilla, deal or no deal, I'm still iller
You know I'm gon' bring 'em bat, man
My nights are dark when knocking it out the park like I'm Daryl Straw
Partial to that Ben Stiller
'Cause this is Night at the Museum, turn that to mausoleum
And then I go and flip that mausoleum to coliseum
Spilling blood on my jalabiya
Man, you lucky them columns'll hold me back
Boy, I'm Walter White
Call a fed, I won't even be alarmed then
Cop the plea bargain for weed farming
When I see varmints on the beat, storming
It's just instinct that makes me prone to fading 'em like three Charmin
Rolls, but that's just the rant of another young rapscallion scaling rap
I'm an animal in this field, the ox with the plow
Oxygen stock in him now, something like a fox on his prowl
Turn the field of dreams to a killing, y'all cannot stop me now
My conoscopy's high velocity, yours is not to me
Man, I'm spitting, really spitting
Suggest you stop and listen
Detonating like Doctrine Dark strapped with three C4s with him
When he's inhaling kerosene and taking a match to the pistons
Just takes a spark at the end of these lines I'm lobbing
To hold the mic, I'm throbbing, mechanical movement
Masterful oozing
Of raw talent like nasty, old lubricant
Pass me your uzi
And a clip of quotes, don't have me to use it
Smash the old rules, it's
Simply to bomb to diffuse
You are now tuned to young Odysseus on his journey home
The sequel to the ill he had back on Quazinkle
Misplaced king of the game, I'm coming for my dues
You think any different, you just might be cut loose
But hey, that's just 'cause it

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Cut Loose
Cut Loose

Benjamin Schnier, this right here is a good look

[Verse 1]
Okay, let's keep the groove alive and well
When it gets up in your soul you just can't fight the spell
I'm just the young emcee, Murray Josh what I be
And all I want to see is you coming outside that shell
Yo, I'mma raise them spirits using this track, bruh
If books are chicken soup for the soul, music's Viagra
And that's just my way of saying turn that frown upside down
Like now, right 'round with these tables we turning

Yo, I dig the breakdown
I'm just saying, we put in a lot of work
But all work and no play makes Jack a dull cat
So if you're not playing
And you're not putting in work
Then you ain't livin' for jack, you dig?
That's why we out here

We're young and we're dumb so just cut loose
As far as we've come, you must cut loose
If you live in a house with four walls and one roof, then raise it
We've got one life to live so just cut loose
We've got so much to give so just cut loose
If you live in a house with four walls and one roof, then raise it [x2]

[Verse 2]
This rap rhapsody
Actually catastrophe
All these fools you listen to probably can't match with me
Masterfully backhanding these
Raps and then backtracking, B
All in a day's work, imagining what that could be
Clap hands with me
That or rack bands with me
Passed advanced class with these
Tracks, I'm past apathy
And never faking, so when you get a chance:
Take it, take it, take it, take
'Cause you know we've come a lot farther than we were supposed to
And considering that we cut loose, is it really so fatal?
And Peter never picked a pail of peppers for the pesos
Parasol popcorn with a --
(Alright, I'm buggin')
Bottom line, if you don't move that bottom dollar
I'mma bottom out and probably crack a bottle, so just holla
And I know you've got a battle to face but just face it
My dude, you know you wanna groove
So just cut it loose, like:


Now when I say cut, you say loose
Cut (loose), cut (loose) [x7]
Who rocks the party?
We rock the party [x7]
That's the spirit

Track Name: Wizard Battle
Wizard Battle

Fifth of vodka
Turn the page to a whole new chapter
I told you all before, I ain't some new rapper
Call me that again and you could get smacked for it
Back for it, ain't got the crown so I'm back for it
Bank on it like I'm spitting new backboards

[Verse 1]
I'm the new black elite, breaking out the box
Only time you knew black elites's when you talking 'bout socks
I got this on lock, I'm enlightened
That's why I'm shining
Why fight it?
Y'all be Rott-wilding, just biting whatever style's styling
This is Joey Stalin styling and stalling the fall of the genre
So either fall in or you're off to the gulags, man
I'm the ace, you think you fly? Well, it's all aces
My mind's so high I'm mentally in a class with all Asians
I get big from my brains to my kicks
So big in fact, I got the whole game on my...
...You don't know where I was going? You too young to be listening
So I'll just stay here and chill like the draft Pap was enlisted in
Rigorous with the minutemen
Ready, willing, and able to end your whole team at a moment's notice
I hope you noticed
You happen to always have been a hasbeen
I have no abandon when it comes to this rapping

Flow like a millionaire
Walk like a king
But you should hear the song of struggle my bank account sings [x4]

[Verse 2]
Kick knowledge like soccer, my bars are dope
I'm dropping bars, you dropping bars of soap
On purpose, whole purpose worse if you lurk in Gomorrah for this purpose
Got bars in surplus, been working these fields
It's worthless for you to work in this field: I'm both fielding it and feelin' it
You may have reasonable doubts about this but that's part of sealing it
It being fate, we made a date to mate? Don't be late
'Cause you won't like Bruce Banner when he's feeling irate, sista
Best run and hide from my heat-seeking missiles
'Cause, my brotha, you flaming; I don't think they gon' miss you
And you gon' talk a lot of talk until the missiles kiss you
I got as much as I spit, so supply is no issue
Kid, you don't get it: fall back
I'm all that like Kenan and Kel
Been meaning to tell you all but I figured you'd figure it out
I'm hot as a drought but flow like a flood
Get your weight up, every step I take's backed by a thud
But please don't get too caught up in what I may rap
It's my way from now on, no more of this highway crap

I mean, are you hearing this kid, though? Like, are you hearing this kid, though? Dang!


[Verse 3]
Fifth of vodka
Senseless rendered
In these end times, I enter the land of Ender
With Bender the Bot and Slenderman, slaughtering all contenders
Pretenders and the pretentious, the end result is this track
This is just a fraction of the fractals that I pack
And I pack a punch like Hawaiians
I'm lying I'm crying, fine?
I could give you my Rolex, you still won't flex on my watch nor on my time
I'm so ahead of it, flash forward 15 years, y'all still won't get my rhymes
I'mma go Super Saiyan, yeah, I'm gon' go Kakarot
Y'all all is lame, take it back to Mecca
Switching up on all of y'all like Dr. Jekyll
If you Dr. Jekyll, I'm a doctor jackal
Got my PhD in shackling maggots and then I'm cackling
Best run and Mr. Hyde 'fore I confide why I have my hand in my jacket
It's sealed in formaldehyde, that's the tried, I'm the truth
If you wonder where you fit in, you's a lie like the tooth fairy
You scary, I peeped you sweating
Shaking like popping mollies, paparazzi got to be kidding me
Gon' drive my third eye blind!
Now kids, be sure to memorize my rhymes
Makes it mad easy for me to control your minds


And the winner of Wizard Battle is... Joshua Murray! I wonder how he'll celebrate this momentous achievement...
Track Name: When the Vibe is Right
When the Vibe is Right

Greatest vice that I ever knew
Greatest vice that I ever knew
Greatest vice that I ever knew
Babygirl, won't you come on and take a walk down my avenue? [x2]

[Verse 1]
Ladies, if you bad, say, "Oh, yeah!"
And fellas, if she bad, say, "That's right!"
And ladies, if you bad, say, "Oh, yeah!"
And fellas, if she bad, say, "That's right!"
I been thinking about this all night
Tryna come correct, select words that align
Making sure the grade curve make hers
Took my time; yes, I fell, alright
But I wanna make this perfect
'Cause, girl, you're worth it
And all I hope is that my efforts ain't worthless, that you choose me
'Cause I know you got some options
And, well, I'm not fond of being an option
But, well, that's just the game we play and you deserve it
I see you out here, putting that work in
Justifying the grade curve when you doing all that curving
And I'm not sure which my motivation is
I'm honestly starting to think I'm motivation-less
But all I know is I want you down to my Higgs bosons
Real talk, baby, take it in:

Girl, it's no secret, I'm into you
Is it love or is it lust?
Do you trust me?
It's so hard to walk away, 'cause when the vibe is right
(I'll love all night, no interview)

[Verse 2]
Every beat of the drum is a beat of my heart
And every string that I strum keeps us from being kept apart
And it's true I been single for a minute, just 'cause I don't need a princess
I want a queen, is you down for the part?
If you are, then ladies say, "Oh, yeah!"
And if the fellas agree then say, "That's right!"
And if the ladies are down, then say, "Oh, yeah!"
If the fellas need a queen, too, then say, "That's right!"
And so, it would appear that fate has placed me in your path
So I must tell you: You're the apple of my eye
And all I can hope is you aren't forbidden fruit
But I'll take that chance, babygirl, just for you
And I'll take that hand and you know what it do
Then I'll take that hand and I'll hold it, too
'Cause I don't know whether it's love or lust, but trust
I'll be here at least all week, or 'til you've had enough


[Bridge 1]
And I know
You can feel it
This right here is something hard to find
Only once every thousand years do the heavenly bodies align
And I know
That I'll seal it
It being the deal
Tell me, how does it feel?
To be alone in a room full of people
Just you and I
Oh, c'mon!

[Verse 3]
This eternal dance 'tween the moon and the sky
Girl, you send me away but I'm supposed to come back
'Cause you know that love is the drive in my life
It's the reason I wrote this song as a letter
And I'm not very fond of the rules that apply
'Cause I'd like my ego stroked with no strokes of the pen
But if I told you I don't wanna play the game, I'd lie
Babygirl, what's love got to do with it when you're doing
This eternal dance 'tween the moon and the sky
Girl, you send me away but I'm supposed to come back
'Cause you know that love is the drive in my life
It's the reason I wrote this song as a letter
And I know I may need it all to survive
'Cause a broken heart means a broken world
Sincerely, your soul's other third
And P.S.: Please know that this was all for H.E.R.


[Bridge 2]
Oh, when the vibe is
When the vibe is right
When the vibe is right, you know I'll give it all to you
And babygirl, I said the vibe is right

Track Name: Don't Stop Mode
Don't Stop Mode

See me but you don't
Beat me 'cause you won't
Kill me 'cause you can't
Still we in that don't stop mode

[Verse 1]
It's after 3, gotta go through that warm-up
Just cut loose and now we prepare for war, son
Once you hit that field it's something like a warzone
Suck in all the ozone I can, I'm coming for your throne
Boy, I'm a fighter
Convert my nerves to steel and my blood to that of a tiger
'Bout to switch the game up and turn the word to a lighter
Set fire to the rain, it's the pain that'll take me higher
No pain no gain
You think this a game? Well, then, let me get this high score
Make all these sons disappear, the pied piper
A tried sniper
Walk out on the court like, "Y'all can all go home, bruh, I'm nicer"
Dressed like a highlighter
'Cause I'mma shine if I can help it
On this grind and I'mma win or die trying
You either in or bye, hike it
Mike Tyson, Jordan, or Johnson, coming for my Heisman
You gon' strike but I'm lightning

See me but you don't
Beat me 'cause you won't
Kill me 'cause you can't
Still we in that don't stop mode
(We be the illest
The realest to ever kill it
So let me know if you feel it) [x2]

[Verse 2]
Now comes the game 4
Everything we play, you're
Scribbling your name on a death note, you get in my way, dork
Flow like a millionaire
Walk like a king
But you should hear the song of struggle my bank account sings
Insecurities I turn to murder when I'm hurting these
Beats, I beat 'em, Sharkeisha
'Til they're black and blue as her clothing
Flow like a millionaire
Walk like a king
But you should hear the song of struggle my bank account sings
I flip the entire planet just to get my rotation back
You hear the crowd roar? They want more
And their wishes is my command
Flow like a millionaire
Walk like a king
But you should hear the song of struggle my bank account sings
In all honesty, I don't see myself as no prodigy
I'm constantly afraid the stadium lights gonna fade
That's why I play like it's my last time
Spit like it's my last rhyme
Go hard as some lard-filled heart arteries 'til I can't
Why I say you


[Verse 3]
Now it's 6, I'm feeling like I hit the lottery
Feeling like 'Ye and Jay Z, who gon stop me?
Cross the River Styx, I'm just making my rap odyssey
This Nagasaki and I'm 'bout to blow, call the SWAT Team
Navy Seals? Army? Marines? Someone, stop me!
'Fore you end up in a monster's nest like the Loch be
'Fore you can't think outside the box 'cause no one's got keys
Welcome to the lion's den, fam: You are now meat
Everybody worried 'bout my future, but let's be honest
You wasn't with me lobbing bricks in the gym, best get modest
My game is solid, as brawny as Broly on anabolics
But am I good enough to make it to the league? We'll see
This is my moment in the limelight
Grabbed your girl and got my vibe right
Y'all try my mind
Drove my game insane, now my mental is ill
The will is feral, offensively skilled
Terrorize 70 mill'
And leave all the rest to be killed
Fam, you wanna mess with me still?

[Chorus x2]

Love of the game, the love in my brain
As long as blood is blue in my brain, I'll remain the same [x2]
Take us out, Ben
Track Name: Track 7
Track 7

[Verse 1]
I live young, wild, and free
Been living this way since the age of 13
I was the age of 13 when I had first seen the raw deal we was cut in this culture
Nothing but vultures
Sucking all the blood from our culture
That's why I never criticized a blood
Did a crip decide to thug?
Did a fish decide to swim?
Nah, but, given gills, it likely swum, right?
So why are we expected to go down with no fight?
Survival instincts keep telling me I'm the fittest and to try
As you might know
They tell this fairy tale talking about some "high road"
Even a matador wouldn't try to kick that bull
Every OG knows 'less you ballin', spittin', or slingin', you full
Of ambition with not nan ticket inside the winner's circle
And watching the players ball on the big screen
You start to want to get and eat your cake piece
Shinin' and glistenin' in HD
So middle finger to you but you could pay me
Started writing these rhymes
Cruisin' to the top in this Odyssey
And you could miss me with the crap, it ain't easy
Thinking of the right words to spit and you got the rent due later?
But they say Mary Jane is an inspiration
Step 1: Get your mind cut loose and
Step 2: Put the pen to paper
So I did, to take away the pain like 2Pac say
And got a li'l flossy and tossed a few shots, ay
Soon all these lyrical wizards that's in it for the music
Just ain't have tricks up they sleeve, the battle, they had to lose it
That's all I wanna be full of
They were full of it
School's just a good way to owe them a mil' dubs, man
Get a little cheddar in your pocket, see how hard you be cheesin'
Money can't buy happiness? Well lackin' won't either
Get yourself a couple honeys, that'll get the vibe right
Who you gon' trust? Me or some loser who lost the limelight
Man, I'm telling you, do not stop 'til you get your check
I'm on top, don't you get it? The Odyssey don't wreck
No matter how much I crash, I'm on one next to these fools
I got diamonds all in my chain and my whips all be icy, too
There's a caution sign on my Rollie
Throw your salt, that thing won't melt
They were selling you dreams
I sell you what could be yours if you choose
If you snooze you lose
And they sleep on anything that don't make moves
Be smart, don't be like them
Be like me and just cut it loose
It's prime--
--Wait, crap! The money's overdue!
Chill, man, I promise you I'mma--

Fly as high
As high as you like
But the lightning
Will still strike
Don't matter
What risk you take
Because the earth
Will still quake

[Verse 2]
As the smoke rolls in
Even the eyes of an eagle are blinded, strike lightning
Tempestuous thunder hear the cry, there's no use fighting it
Mother Earth must throw the temper tantrum we incited
She isn't pleased, and it's ironic
Smoked while trying to buy chronic
Getting closer to nature got him sent to Heaven
My God, and especially rest in peace
'Cause he sought peace and got hit with the piece by the same man
Any sane man could see even through the mist how we've messed up
A person with no purpose is bound to become dejected
A lotus with no roots is bound to float off with the current
And close off to the future even if it carried a present
In these end times of trend rhymes and them mimes
A check finds more precedence than writing with passion
Cash and greed rule everything around us
But you can't just be all about stacks
The planet will fight back and win
I won't get into it much yet, but the reason I'm here with y'all now is love
Love of the game, the love in my brain
He came for success, much less noble, his heart left in pain
Twisted, jagged
Josh turned into Jash as thorns rose and became
So let the skies crash with the percussive, cursed, recursive cussing
Captured by the clanging, banging anger of an angel
But who am I to lecture you like we were fam?
You still don't even know who I am

Track Name: Bruh, Nah
Bruh, Nah

[Verse 1]
Allow me to introduce myself
I'm that stone-cold, cold-heart, hard-heart, hard-AF
Hard hat, swag-back, back-talking, walking, jacking
Plaque-popping, heart-stopping gangsta pimp playa (FACTS)
Flow cold as blizzards, Jack the Ripper when I'm in the stu'
Pickles, boy, I've battled wizards; what you think you 'bout to do?
My MO is an M-O-B of GIs, Gs, and dollars, too
All this not trusting government's got me looking like Lao Tzu
Shout out the green, Vietcong the Vietnamese
Got that Spyro on deck, inspired by promethazine
Call it XXL the source, like Jet Blue and do not look horses
In the mouth, ask 'em, "Why the long face?" They'll give willingly
I'm on a roll, no self-control
Blowing off steam with methamphetamine
Shout out the green, shout out the green
Had to repeat myself 'cause you ain't catch both things I mean

[Chorus 1]
Thought you was ready for the real? Nah
Have any chill with my skills? Nah
Never make it, leave Ma paying bills? Nah
Nah nah nah, nah nah nah [x2]

[Verse 2]
This is rebellion
Half as far of a schism as 1054 within him
An alien within the system
Overseeing the illumination of the nation's admiration
Demons face them, battle stations get them, Jah
And middle finger to the beaten path
Beaten path? Bruh, I've beaten that
Be in that trap, I'm beasting that
Beauty and the Jash
Swag-surfing the stream of double consciousness
Then head to the train station of thought to lay some tracks
I'm coasting, La Cosa Nostra, that's what I call this life
Saxophone in the back, Bohemia in my mind
Blow trees in the lyric-ales, got no guidance from a counselor
No guidance from parentals, just 'bellion-inspiring strife
But, what if Martin King Luther had these Supras?
Chased cougars? Grabbed the mic and spit truth, or
Huey Newton was usually aloof unless shooting hoops, or...
...You know what? I'm tired, you tired; let's call it a night

[Chorus 2]
Thought you was ready for the real? Nah
Have any chill with my skills? Nah
Never make it, leave Ma paying bills? Nah
Nah nah nah, nah nah nah
Thought you was ready for the real? Nah
Have any chill with my skills? Nah
If this don't flip that frown do I know what then will? Nah
Ladies and gentlemen, Ben Schnier

[Instrumental Break]

I thought we was cool, I thought we was fam
But you still don't know who I am
Track Name: Jash Murphy
Jash Murphy

And so, allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is

My name is, my name is
My name is, my name is, my name is, my name is [x2]

[Verse 1]
I'm a rap fiend, when I'm rapping, that's my high
Don't blow it, I go so far in I'm never coming out
Go so hard, I just can't be done without
Oh my God, that is just what I'm about
Flow so wet, they call me the Brahmaputra
Just play your position, Kama Sutra
I'll suture your super suit and send you sinking slow then sue the shooter
I make this look easy? Oh, this easy? Try doing it on E
They call me E 'cause I'm an MC squared
So unless you here to stare down, square off or strike, spare me
It's the only kid at 15 spitting these sick sixteens
Flow this mean going down in history
Like I snatched your chick, took her in a time machine
And had her hatching ratchet schemes to latch a ring on me from eating
Then I threw baby out with bathwater, snacked on bath saltines
Chill, you need a break, quit screaming, "Don't hurt me!"
Name is Jash Murphy
Jash Murphy
Jash Murphy?
Jash Murphy.
Lyrical acrobat, that's a job description for me
That's why I need neither hand when it comes to counting money
There's 20 of you that's begging for it but this ain't Control
Control yourself, I been rolling in mud, so who is not dirty?
You ought not to flirt with walking demise, you look in them eyes?
You might not come back, ain't just a rap, but

I'm a rap fiend, when I'm rapping, that's my high
Don't blow it, I go so far in I'm never coming out
Go so hard, I just can't be done without
Oh my God, that is just what I'm about [x2]

[Verse 2]
My name is Jash Murphy
Jash 'Rap Atrocity, Rap Like I'm On Luminosity" Murphy
I know that you heard me
Ignore me once more and the score will turn horrorcore before your serving
Deny that I'm Niles when styling, I dare you
I'm fine as Fran, frankly, fan favorite like dang-o
This Django Unchained, I spent 12 years a slave
Now a free man like Huey, ooh wee, uzi's working this overtime
I'm 5'9 outfitted with five nines, I'll turn this home into a slaughterhouse
GTA a rolls and roll up in it to your daughter's house
Relegate game and next thing you know, it's your granddaughter's house
Cold, serving just desserts a la mode, still, you don't stop
I need a side hustle, I'll die 'fore I let the dough stop
Grip the harpoon, now tell me, where do the cyphers be?
Elephant in the room, I'm tryna poach him for ivory


[Verse 3]
This the hippity-hop that your pops never stiggity-stopped
Striggity-straight to the tiggity-top, started from the bottom
First rule, never briggity-break bread for flibbertigibbets
There's lights for me to giggity-get and I got 'em
Giggity-giggity-giggity goo, I got you
You don't need to go to Mercury to know I'm hot, dude
I bend the rays of light around me like a car grill in the summertime
Columbine time, I'm strapped like a kamikaze
Spraying magazines, hurting
When I'm in the booth, I have a habit of murking
Go hard but I'm hardly working
If you ever wanna try your hand at hand-to-hand combat
I'll happily hand you your assets
Frozen on a silver platter, call it cryogenics, why you cryin'?
Crappy kush and baggies of krabby patty-ralls, I ain't lyin'
First step to success is to vizualize, rezpect my triumph
Guess that's why I'm winning like Charlie Sheen even though I ain't trying
Bruh, nod your head until you break your neck
I'mma break even with the lines, make sure you save your best
When I make even Al Capone wanna go pay his debt
I massacre sons, defile daughters, then take your check
Rape the pen
With prose know I ball dangerous
Shake the Nets
Celtics, the Lakers next
Spray your vest, don't matter if you're gay or lez'
Or straight, et cet'
Need a re-up on plays of this 'cause

[Chorus x2]


Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash Murphy!
Track Name: This Was All For H.E.R
This Was All For H.E.R

It all started 'round the age of 12
I was the age of 12
I was left in a daze by the days from before the bells
Hadn't yet known life, I was innocent to her spells
But though the clock tries to tell time, it's definitely the time that tells
We were riding 'round when Jeremiah had turned on the radio
Hot 107.9, Katy Perry was playing, for
You see, Jeremiah likes pop and I've popped him but it's his ears
And mine hadn't had genre preference so whatever way it goes
After Katy Perry played the next phase of my life
It was local favorites and her voice was oh-so-nice
Even Jeremiah gave it up for the real, but all on my mind
Was a Wile E. Coyote blueprint of how I'd make her my wife
Moriah turned 'round to find me with slack jaw, I asked her
Where I could go to find more of this angel on wax
Y'all see, Moriah's the music guru in the family
And she told me "YouTube," I got home and locked myself in my room
Of course, I had to let Jeremiah in so he could sleep
But I went to sleep and all in my dreams was me dancing with shawty
Moving her body like none you've ever seen
Never ever never seen
This ish was love, I mean, it must've had to be
Went to school, was still drooling
Her name was all I knew and her frame was all I'm doodling
Wanted to be french poodling
But I wasn't her only fan, though I was her only stan
But have the school knew her so I would play it cool and that's the plan
Started learning love songs and singing with her in mind
Come to find I had myself a decent pair of pipes
Performing for friends, no family
I'm thinking family would judge
'Cause I idly sang one song in church and they told me, "don't cuss"
I came across this contest for singing a hit you know
If they dug your vibe, you could find yourself in the video
Made my entry with haste, found out 'bout it on the last day
And I still ain't heard a reply, not even to this day
But I was dissatisfied singing of someone else's love
And my English teachers always told me in class I ain't suck
So I picked up a pencil and paper and wrote a couple poems
And I don't know if you can feel a draft but, well, they were rough
But enough was enough, so I persevered, kept it up
Took what I could but left enough for another brother to follow
You follow me?
Tough-to-swallow soliloquy willing, but back to the scene
I was starting to ball like Rondo or 'Ronto
To wreck like raptors and, in this chapter, decided
That I would no longer fight it
I had a pair of pipes and I needed to shine the light, I
Had a pair of pipes and the sparks had to be ignited
I would put out one tape and you'd never hear me use my gift
Ever again
I would never meet my love, the hope was violent
On my soul when I crushed it
Penned the tape and recorded
Unfortunately, I rushed it
So it sucked and it wasn't that much of nothing
But during the process, I met Ben and Jacob
And it's us three to this day, well, plus Dave
And the 3rd grade crew but they don't count, you see
I found out Ben and Jacob loved her as much as me
And even though we couldn't all have her we bonded so naturally
These two dudes taught me much about music as I've taught you
Thought I'd take the time to thank 'em, so:
Y'all rock, dudes
Got to thinking, told Ben I wasn't digging my tape
And as it turns out, his pops was a roll-n-rock guru
So Ben had the equipment to make a hot new
CD, if you'd seen me, you'd be screaming, cheering loud, too
Ben sent me some beats and I thought of her when I wrote
And we ended up making an EP dedicated to our muse
During this time, I learned that all rap music
Used to be about the love we had for this very same songstress
Every track was a love song, every beat of the heart
But soon it all fell apart, and she was replaced by long checks
Then finally, I sent her the poems and I actually met her
Still hadn't known her name, in fact
Heart skipped a beat then it stopped
Asked her for an autograph, and then a dance, and then her name
Lips locked and she whispered her name:
Hip hop