Quazinkle! The EP

by Josh M. & Ben S.

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"From New York teenagers Ben and Josh comes Quazinkle! the EP. This release, one summer in the making, boasts several exhibitions of extremely precocious talent and serves a undeniably solid debut for a lyricist and a producer who you should look out for more of." - My mom


released August 31, 2013

Rapping by Joshua Murray
Engineering and Production by Ben Schnier
Artwork by Maya Miller



all rights reserved


Josh M. & Ben S. Utica, New York

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Track Name: The Ride... (Intro) (prod. Tabu)
[Verse 1]
It's the red bottom boss
Body bags abound
Beats getting bodied, I'm 'bout it, don't mess around
May I introduce you to a brand new sound
Fit for riding 'round town with the windows down
It's about to go down
Perfect soundtrack to your summer right now
I know them summer jobs is a bummer right now
But hey, I bet them checks'll turn that frown upside down
I know it's silly but it's true
Dreams of buying the mall, telling her I bought it all for you
I bare my soul a lot, just know I thought it all for you
Just some J.M.B.S., it's all new
I'm back, now who missed me?
This song is for all the opponents who dissed me
This beat makes me think about all of the aunts who kissed me
And all of the lost homies
And all of the shows on Disney
Ain't you just think about your past
While you ride around town with the speakers blast?
Real carefree, we're all the same inside
I'm just glad I could be here for the ride

Get bodied, stay bodied, I'm 'bout it, yep [x3]
400 horses, won't stop 'til I cop a private jet

[Verse 2]
It's the red bottom boss
Back to beat these beats 'til they bleed and they plead
For mercy while I scream things laced with bleeps
This EP is direction for all of the lost sheep
And motivation for all of the shepherds that lost sleep
I'm Commander Shepard when all of these records take mass effect
I affect the masses, molasses is thick as your last attempt
To convince me I couldn't rap, I should hang up the mic and quit
But I get it, it's hard to cope when your run's in the toilet
I'm too slick, I need a rickshaw, how'd I never notice?
Know this, I'm comin' for my crown, know that this area code is
My throne, roll your eyes but you can't deny how hard I'm going
Consider yourself pwned by the heat of a magma flow

Track Name: Track 2 (prod. Freddie Joachim)
[Verse 1]
First off, I am not a rapper
This isn't a rap, it's poetry, flow with me
If you can't, then quiet
Second off, I'm in first and you're in second
Then pay attention, these beats, I wreck them
Wreck-It Ralph of rectums, try it
Boy, class is in session
I'm the teacher and the bus driver
Takin' you to school then I school you, hard knock
Life, loco enough to stab you five times
Then lick the knife clean, sellin' pipe dreams, though it might seem
Quite mean, that's the flow talkin' for a nice guy
Twice I've had to inform you that I'm too nice
Guys maybe with the gravy rhymes finish last like Ice Ice Baby
That's why rappers like Logic remain misfits
That's why rappers like Pitbull even exist
But I must cease and desist with the hatin'
The times are changin'
The world that I loved replaced with one I must find my place in
Stared in the eyes of Satan and told him this (let's get it now)
Kanye said to say hi from the most high
Know I'm the king and you can't tell me nothin'
Nuttin' in your girl's eye or your girl's mind, mindscrew
Mind you, I run the world rugged
Tell 'em auf wiedersehen, I be the same guy
Wrote Westside Pimp, just with a name inept
To describe what to the table I bring, fables I sing, stable, I scream 'mindset'
But when your mind's set, you might forget where you came from
Shake the game up, play by your rules
If you whistle a different tune
You will perfect that picture soon
Picture perfect, I promise you
Skip to my lou, the prophecy
Gotta see what we all can do
With a little drive like a Hyatt
Try to fight it, find yourself
In the desert, real waterless
See, 'cuz you're thirsty, by yourself, drowin' in sweat, and dry as hell, uh
And still we try to sell ideal versions of reality
With all due you, we all agree, you might as well try not to breathe
That's the quickest way out, I mean not to rib but it's common sense
I been bombin' since Malcolm X taught me to bomb but ain't saw him since
Martin L. came along with his ideal philosophy
Of what we ought to be
A tolerant, nonviolent sophistry
But we can't be any of those things 'til we grow up
Apologies to Trayvon for making him wanna throw up
Haile Selassie, Rodney, and Gandhi's hands got thrown up
Projects tore up, gang signs is thrown up
Simmer down, if we don't, lord knows we might just blow up
Wrote this rap and suddenly, my inbox just got blown up
Sho' 'nuff, know what? I'm unafraid of the gold rush
So what? Homie, just tell me something I ain't know
I know these poems ain't even remotely new
But I just look up to God like, "What else am I s'posed to do?"
They call 'em demons because they can't deal with 'em
I call 'em feelings because I can feel the fear in 'em
Just ride with me and we might find Jesus
And if we don't, then we're liable to get fined fees for
Ballin' so hard, all these testy haters get jealous
I know you care a lot but don't get overzealous
I'm a felon, arrested for spittin' truth
'Til my cup runneth over with lots of honest spitoons
Maybe a blue moon could provide victory to you goons
And I know I flowed hard for five seconds, then moved on
But guess what? I wasn't done
To be continued
I got 'em beggin' for mercy 'cuz they know I jack sons like Percy
And these girls are tryna jack, too thirsty
I'm outta-this-world hot like Mercury
Make that mercury rise, I'm a rising star
Spit bars with precision like I'm spitting darts
I'm a skinny Rick Ross, James Harden
Harder than anyone you know, just bossin' it
Ally & Austin, honestly lost it
The veins bulgin' outta my neck, they oxygen starved
And Ben's lookin' at me like I just jacked a Mercedes car
I'll kill his beats later, right now Freddie Joachim's the start
Boy, just play your part
I'm off the charts
And the deep end and the rails and whatever else you jump off to get hot
Your girl's a jumpoff, just thought you ought
To know before she go and blow the whole football team
You give an inch, they travel miles like childs with ball dreams
You all seem to think I'll leave the ring, hardly
This all I ever dreamed, Mike Tyson, just not eating ears
I rather you lend 'em cuz when I send this send-up
Senators will stop to hear the kid speak
But all in due time
Track Name: Mensa
[Verse 1]
It's been a while since I last chased dreams
These days I just set goals and I catch those
My mind often gets froze like subzero
That's after it gets blown like Nintendoes
I'm fillin' a set, flows sound like wet prose
'Cuz I'm drownin' in poetry between Gillette commercials
My rehearsals get cut off
Rap game summer jams, fireworks set off
Independence definitely has its drawbacks but I'm ready
The keys to a Chevy in my mind, got the drive like Andretti
My mind's my ignition, sacred is my mind, my mind is sacred
Cuz without my mind, I'm nothing but a soulless body wasted
That's why I don't get wasted, it numbs the mind, I need mine sharp
So when I brainstorm, it's lethal as a great white shark
Imagine if the sky rained knives and cut a path straight to the heavens
That's why I want knowledge, exclude good and evil, that's forbidden
You ever notice how good is so underrated?
There's good and then there's bad, evil, demonic, and straight wicked
This is my daily mental, somehow though, I'm still at it
I kill rap bits to calm my dome when I feel rapid
And pardon the blasphemy, but I'm getting ill at it
Is it bad I feel like I'm good as Nas on Illmatic?

Wait, did he just say what I think he said?
I'm dead, my head is exploded from rounds of lyrical lead [x4]

[Verse 2]
Just food for thought, we all these days somewhat malnourished
I know a couple girls need vitamin D levels to flourish
You heard it here first, a brotha raisin' life up in a hearse
I heard there's a mass genocide of brain cells at the hands of herb
I'm kidding, I got no beef with the reefer, 'cept one hung-up
It's stunts your mind if you overdo it, I've lost a couple brothas
That's brothas of all color, it don't mean much to me, son
Got white brothas, black, both browns, even an Asian one
And that's the way it should be, but I guess that's all in due time
I do mind the stares, the hair touching, and the new kind
Of hate I get when I confess that I'm a rap artist
I guess I shouldn't stress, it's more or less on the run like Artest
Is this a test? That's what I ask myself
Like am I being trained?
I guess Neil Gaiman had it right, my dude, 'cuz life is like a game


[Verse 3]
I'm in
Over my head, word to Mac, I'm back on my dime
My time is fleeting, passing like a dime
Or dime like passing game of mine
I try to stay humble, real & down to the grass
Clean too, but failing that, I hope to be dirty, not a mess
I've trespassed on the lawn of thought, philosophers set sprinklers
A wrinkle in time'll teach you all you need to know 'bout Murrays
So don't worry, light one if your nerves are worried
That's the only way we can talk since your sight is blurry
I'm talking fore-, you're talking hind-, this line is awful quirky
I'm awful murky, stay murking, yes God, I'm murdering
Condemnation exchanged for respect from these verses
You 'bout to clash with a titan, I hope your name is Perses
And I know that I can throw around the word 'thirsty'
But it applies, I stood up (DRANK) and now I'm 'bout to take the worst pee
On your career, 'cuz

Track Name: A Man Like
[Verse 1]
Like we always do 'bout this time
The rap game goin' into overtime
And we could go toe to toe, just know you would be toein' the line
Between life and death, betwixt rhythm and rhyme
And I'm so benign, apologies for any damage to your ego
The mind of a king, I'm regal
It's evil whenever we flow 'cuz we don't play
Peelin' scabs like a rind then dumping salt
This is a verbal assault, I'm tearing asphalt
Eat you like I'm on bathsalts
You can't handle truth, you too dumbo
I dropped the elephant in the room, I'm jumbo
Get big to the point that I be blockin' Dikembe Mutombo
No no no
This battle's a blowout because I came to show out, yeah
Me and the ladies 'bout to go out
Show me anyone who can flow out and I'll outflow 'em
Outgrow 'em, throw 'em out if they trashy enough
And basically destroy 'em
Presto, poof!
Your entire career is gone, I threw it off the roof, you're welcome
Seldom find me in the talcum
And if you do, it's because I'm feeling real blue like Selsun
Take this Smith & Wessen to your head if you don't get to bussin'


[Verse 2]
We hit the scene makin' it rain, thunder, lightning
Hail, snow, cats and dogs, et cetera, it's mad frightening
What I'm describin' is ridin' through my mind when I'm right in a brainstorm
Or writing some game for rap to get stuck on like glue because
Excuse me sir, I do it up
Doin' nothin' but shootin' up
I don't do drugs, that was in reference to the music charts
Amusement parks or booze 'n darts
Either way I be shootin' bars
Do it hard
Losin' my mind, I'm goin' stupid like Patrick Star
Lasseter, John I'm directing my own biopic
Of your demise, a product of my efforts to vaporize
Anything and/or anybody that could pose a threat
Surprise, I succeeded and now you're bleeding
The lamb of a sacrifice
I go ham, I won't tell you twice
Get your cheese and dough, make a sandwich
Eat the sandwich, the homie's eatin'
Pull the D and she gon' balm it
And that's a promise, I'm on it, in it, and 'bout it
I could give you something to pout about if you gonna keep on pouting
I beat the box with precision, a Biz Marksman
The game is over, I'm MVP of #TeamDarkskin
I live the action, homie, you be LARPin' and
I hate to harp and all, but I'll cut you, my mind's a sharp one


Água de beber
Água de beber, camará [x4]
Track Name: Do What I Can
I just do what I can, screw what I can't
That's how you move in a room full of ants
That's the rules for makin' moves with these raps
Ain't nothing new, gotta keep cool to move plants
Now if I'm a villain, and villains chillin' when they be thrillin'
Then I'm in a good position to stack me a couple million [x2]

[Verse 1]
From here on out, I always sleep on my left
'Cuz if I lay down my rights, then I'm sleepin' with death
I never had to hold a tech like I'm sleeping with refs
So I converted my breath to a weapon of mass distress
Because I've learned that money's a good servant but a bad master
That's why you never can trust them fad pastors
That's why they give millions to all the bad rappers
And save the billions for all the Iran jackers
I'll smack a mitch, pimp-style 'til my hand breaks
I mandate every lame to catch a mandrake
And disappear...
(It appears that my peers have all been connected
The Tetris metris, a grand ace)
A planned baby, a grand mistake, you were neither
If that sounds harsh, it's probably time to take a breather
I need a line to end this verse on
If you think of one, let me know
And in the meantime, I'll keep this placekeeper


[Verse 2]
Yessir, I'm back in the building
This beat's a goner, I know it, I got a feeling
I go bananas, of course my flow is appealing
My rhymes are built like gorillas, I'm ill when I'm through the ceiling
Swag out the roof, that's just what I do
My stock goin' up but I mean, what else is new?
If I could be real for a minute, from me to you
I ain't impress myself, this just ain't all that hard to do
Flow to the second power, pound kitty at leisure
With twenty inches of pleasure, you know, the usual
I'm so sick, I'm sick of going through it all
So don't mind me when I get to going stupid, you'll
Never get on my level, your princess is in another castle
Back to basic, I'm breakin' bad, blowin' through battles
Rock the rattle, you babies can't even see my gravel
Shake, rattle, and roll, I be bangin' like a gavel


Do you know what brings mice, rats, snakes
Up out they hole? Chonkyfire [x4]

[Verse 3]
I'm through messin' around
I'm 'bout to finesse the sound, don't fret, I'm the best in town
I'm a menace villain, my pen is sittin' spillin'
Stacked a million, pop mollies, I'm sweatin'
I'm the best, rest assured bettin'
On the best, there is no lettin' you down
Just give it a rest like we're going downtown
Pound for pound, I move the most weight
'Cuz it don't weigh all that much lbs. to me
I make it look easy 'cuz it is to me
Just tryna take it to the era where 'Z' was the new 'S'
And good music reigned supreme
And I'll do it, too, 'cuz I achieve while you dream
That's what it seems
Burst at the seams
Seems there's no end to me D-in' the world
Blow the whistle, sold short like there's Toos involved
I'm too evolved
I managed to go Cro-Magnon yet stay beyond you all
Like Ron Paul
All in all, it's history, calligraphy on a wall
Bars with meat like mystery
You 'bout to be dead like chivalry
I am too fresh like Listerine
Febreeze, and peppermints, now listen here

[Bridge 2]
What was that, what was that
I am gonna kill it, kill it [x7]

[Verse 4]
I am gonna kill it 'til it offers me a record deal
This gotta be a record spit
I gotta get a hold of it before I lose control
When I'm in control of the mic, call me Mike Jackson
Spittin' Thriller flow the size of Pluto
Plutonium, euphoria, I'm hungry so I'm eatin' every rapper
Like they're bread and butter and I'm on a roll
This is the show that I have stolen and, trust me
You don't even have to drop your jaw 'cuz I already know

Track Name: Redemption (Struggle) (prod. One Tone)
Sing a song of struggle and your song becomes redemption -- the redemption of a soulless boy walking around naked as we march in the valley of Invisible Men. Ralph Ellison would be proud if we didn't have to pretend. Perhaps I peaked in power when I peeped the prowess of intelligence. Now, I'm all alone on a plane of existence all my own. The loneliest plane of existence in all the regions known. I alone can save you, for I alone have grown to see vizually the utter lack of rezpect. I expected it to weigh on my chest, but this is excessive, just like the lifestyles of the young, bored, and depressed. If that sounds like you, then just pop an anti-depressant. Lay back. Forget all your troubles. The hood, the ultimate trap, laced with lead paint, cocaine, and anything else that'll dull your mind -- that's how we're trapped. My mother worked hard to convert my mind to a knife and I plan on coming back and cutting us free, but it still weighs heavy on my soul. My soul remains sold, abridged by television, internet, music: the opiates of the masses. Used to sedate our minds; I don't trust what I can't find. But I'm fine with paying the price of inner turmoil. I love you too much to leave you here, but the love is not returned, I fear. I'm heartbroken. The sun has set and the tides have spoken. And so, I mingle about the muggles, lose sleep to the contention. But then I hear a rumble, and dredge from the rubble: sing a song of struggle and our song becomes redemption.

[Verse 1]
I'm sick of the struggle
The struggle is real
And the way that I feel, I won't make it to 20
It's time we stopped being bound by virtue of past
Life is a highway, switch your lane or we all 'bout to crash
I seek redemption, I need redemption
And failing that, please give me direction
I suffer a lot, feels like my heart is bleeding
I'm an anemic bulimic you've seen, now read it, weep it
Yeah, I've suffered plenty
Seen beauty self-destruct
I was there just in time to see Vesuvius erupt
The few or the many, which cause do we serve?
In God we trust, ain't read the Bible, live life in the church
'Cuz things are spiraling quickly, I need something above
And beyond myself to believe in, you best believe it
You might be saved, but if you ain't backed up, you might get deleted
Ain't that a bargain?
All that technical jargon
Serves to ensure that you don't see another birthday party
I need redemption, I seek redemption
And failing that, at least give me direction
Crab bucket mentality, men draggin' each other
Back to the bottom we started from, one man to another
Don't leave me dangling, that's dangerous
The danger we're in? UOENO!
Just keep purchasin' Jordans knowin' you can't even afford 'em
Just leave it 'lone and give it time to let the needle grow
So we can cut the world
And, yes, I do mean 'sew'
I plead redemption, I bleed redemption
And failing that, please give me direction
My dreams ain't die, they got murdered and I'm a witness
And with this chip on my shoulder I promise I'm coming back
Like Martin, like Malcolm, like Booker, I will lead this pack
My mama worked hard to ensure that I could beat this path
That's why I don't rep the hood, 'cuz I ain't from there
The suburbs gave me everything I would need to defeat it
And Reagan gave me everything I would need to defeat him
My brothas gave me every reason I'd need to redeem 'em
But can I do it?
Who am I foolin'?
I'm nothing, no one, invisible to the average human
Perverted innocence, sophisticated ignorance
In a sense, inner sense tells me that it ain't common anymore
And I can't even tell you what world I'm in anymore
Just know my worldview hasn't got it's hymen anymore
And I'm at heaven's door, my mind has no timing left to 'ford
I bleed redemption, I scream redemption
And failing that, please give me direction
I'm titanium, uranium, no weaknesses
I have to tell myself that until I'm believin' it
I love you so much I can't stand to see you hurt yourself
You just need to be free and so I buy this meekness, this
Is me trying to move on, but, babe, I'm struggling
Jimmies rustled and everyday I'm hustling
The busted bustling, I give it up 'cuz man, I'm done with this
I scream redemption, I plead redemption
I seek redemption, I need redemption
I need some action, will someone take it?
I guess not, I guess we all been faking
What can I say, this is my final call
They always told me never to settle or ever drop the ball
Imagination overactive, 0 for 100 battin'
Back in battles with my past self, searching for some passion
I always wondered why I never could just stop and flash and
Enjoy myself, but that's just not my path and
That's a rap, I'm only reppin' when I'm rappin'
That's my only happiness and sadly, even that is passing
They call me the Vizual but I can't see redemption
Liberty divisible for those of insurrection
Don't bother faking any overblown reaction
But if no one plans to stand I guess I'll have to take that action
Track Name: That's Life (Bonus Track) (feat. Jacob M.)
[Verse 1 - Josh (Jacob)]
It's the vizual assassin
Always up and at 'em
Attackin' the jazz in this beat til it's Utah-flat, man
Straight with the passion, passin' an oop pass then
(While I'm slammin' and slashin'
Sorry Ben, but this beat is gettin' lashed and
I'm smashin' the machine you made it on)
I'm speechless, holy crap, man
Comin' at you, straight dashin' like hopes and dreams never happened
(Rappin' more than you and your friend
Me and mine, we here to the end
Stickin' through it all 'til we drop the ball)
Ha, you never drop the ball, if you see a hand, man, pass it
I'm flashin', I'm on speed and the point of entry is bleeding
That's for you mangina-having, the wack, the tampon-needing
(Not necessarily the one gettin' it
But the one with it
And still tryna hit it, but I already smashed it
I didn't plan to pass it)
That's real, homie, it takes guts, most lack it
The man is white Kobe, don't knock it, you're too wack, kid
--------, it's just two teenagers' rap racket
(Flow? We don't lack it
I just read up on it in a hip hop packet
Other rappers missed out so they think they got a reason to pout
But there is no doubt, rap is what we about)
Walk with a pimp lean, you flame like you got gout
Pound for pound, our sound is stylish, taking Polo routes
Your style's depleted like muscles needing amino acids
I know a couple ladies in need of vitamin D
And I'm happy to feed the needy 'til I'm all out

[Verse 2 - Josh (Jacob)]
This is our life and I look at it like it's my last
And if I ever tie myself down then I'd be bound by virtue of past
Really, I'd never prevent my movement
See Jacob and I assist 'im like caste
But when I get this baton I pass
Batter at plate, you better think fast
(Swing away, it could be your last
This rhyme scheme will turn out nasty
But I'll never say lastly
'Cuz I hope to never stop
'Til I pass the top and create a new spot)
And them dewdrops ain't wet as the flow
'Cuz I do rock beats like rock & roll
And when I roll out, bruh I'm Snorlax, and I'm more relaxed than a muh
When I'm on these beats it's like therapy, make 'em scream "heaven above"
(And if you ain't gettin' no love then change your ways, son
'Cuz life's really about fun, don't spoil it with a gun)
Unless it's a lyrical thang 'cuz I'm sprayin' this thang and I'm piercin' them veins
'Til you can't move, prevented movement like stasis
And stay thin or face it, I'm phat
That's just the type of Oscar Meyer weiner that I pack
I'm Anthony Weiner
(You think the words can't get meaner
Well, they could get cleaner
But what's the point in that? I go in hard when I rap
You tend to lack the skills to fire back)
And skills in general, at that
If you gon' step, don't half-step, brotha
Expand your dialect
You die or lack, your bars get sliced just like a tire flat
(And the beat you made is wrecked all 'cuz we flexed
Get decked and smacked by the lyricism we exhale)